are we?

Corporate culture

As the name ‘Truh’ implies, truthfulness is an important value in our procurement company. We like it when people keep their promises, and tell us ‘what is going on’. Hence, it is also how we treat are our business partners, suppliers, and customers.

Truh’s corporate culture includes Dutch elements due to its management’s background. A corporate culture that commits to integrity, transparancy, and direct communication.

Our background

Our background is a combination of Western thinking and working with Western European companies regarding procurement in China, primarily in the metallic minerals (abrasives) industry, and in the CNC metal processing industry, for > 10 years.

A number of factors that have
enabled us to do so are:

  • Protecting the customer: Rejecting a supplier in the early stages the moment we feel ‘something is off’;
  • Anticipation of supplier behavior in China;
  • Noticing pitfalls and supplier risks in a brief period of time.

Skills and experience that we believe are
a must have to achieve the above:

  • Implementing Supplier development programs, and Quality systems (e.g. ISO/TS 16949).
  • Fast communication and communication where the correct message is actually conveyed.



After all, there is a lot of 'us' out there. We could try and impress you by pretending to say something really smart. We could give a name to our working processes and trademark it. But that is not what Truh is about.



Because we really care about what you want to achieve in China. We want to make sure what you expect to receive, in practice genuinely receive.

In the end, we ensure that every product is fully fit for purpose and that our clients will never be disappointed with the end results. Whether it’s out-of-the-box solutions, strategic thinking, consistent application of quality or procurement tools, we demand of ourselves a high level of quality. Underlying this is a determination to understand our clients’ needs and an approach that is strategic, pragmatic and logical.

The art of achieving the above is to work with suppliers who also value long-term partnerships, and who care about the complete supply chain.